UK Summertime

August 2017.

Work really has been the focus of this month as it is the camp site’s busiest period, known as the silly six weeks coinciding with the school holidays.  Unfortunately the weather though has not been as consistently good as when we first arrived here in East Sussex and in fact as soon as the schools broke up the weather noticeably deteriorated initially delivering nothing but wind and rain for the best part of first the 10 days.


Driving on the coast road west of nearby Eastbourne.

A unexpected surprise of working at this location is that the camp site receives many overseas visitors mainly from Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium which certainly adds a little international flavour.  Many of these visitors seem to be heading west to visit Cornwall and few venture further to Wales and Scotland.  Funnily enough we checked in a Swedish family whose end destination was Sutton Coldfield of all places and upon our enquiry as to why they were going there they understandably cited ‘family’ as there main reason.  There has also been one family from Finland, a few Italian and Spanish motorhomes  and even a couple travelling from Slovenia and a Russian tent.  As an antidote to these travellers who have endured long distances there has been very few people from our nearest neighbour France and not one from Portugal meaning that I have had very few opportunities to speak Portuguese finding my poor German being more useful.

There has also been some really interesting motorhomes which I wished now I had time to photograph to start a picture catalogue.  There has been a converted 1970’s Dutch postal van, 60’s American 9 metre long Airstream, multiple old Merc van conversions and of course the notable Rotel tours converted lorry.

Rotel bus

Overseas visitors are numerous at Normans Bay. This was the arrival of the Rotel Tours lorry camper from Germany which ferries 20 tourists around the UK for a three week holiday.

As a break from the camp site we did manage a quick visit to France and Belgium to buy tobacco and wine.  We had a great day out managing a quick visit to Belgium coastal town De Panne which seemed really bustling with many people on the streets and the beach.  Upon research the Flanders coast is very popular for Dutch and German tourists and we could see why and if time allows in the future we would go back and spend more time there in the Suntor.


The weather for the crossing was quite miserable, but it was 27 degress on the Belgium coast.

Nearby Adinkerke is the home of the famous tobacco alley where 10’s of shops cluster around a T-junction, vying for the attention of non-Belgium smokers in the hope that they part with spending money in their store.  Sharon made her purchases after a mini tour round, but tobacco prices are set so all the shops were similar.  I also purchased two crates of Belgium beer that was a little cheaper and of better quality than what I could buy in the English supermarkets.  To top off our few hours in Belgium we visited a frituur for of course a portion of chips and a tank full of diesel (not from the frituur!).  On the way back to Calais we made a quick visit to a wine warehouse to purchase cheap but drinkable wine.  Overall the purchases we made by far outweighed the cost of the ferry and drive and is one of the advantages of staying on the south east coast and therefore I am sure that we will be back in the future!!!!

entering Tabaco


Driving into the start of Tobacco Alley, Adinkerke.


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