On the road again, almost

December has been a little bit of a challenge as we have had the camper in the garage for a total of 7 days.  First it went off to have the annual MOT and service and we also took the opportunity to have the clutch replaced.  This was more of a preventative measure as the clutch was fine it just juddered a lot when cold and since we seem to only ever use non-toll roads there is always a lot of gear changing once we are on the move.  During it’s time at the garage I asked them to look at what was causing the engine management light to flick on under load at around 3000 rpm and our worse fears were confirmed – turbo boost issues.  Since they could not find anything amiss with the connecting hoses etc the final conclusion was that the turbo unit itself was worn and would need replacing – ouch!  However, luckily we remembered that the camper still had a 2 year third party warranty that was supplied by the dealer Ropers Leisure and on it’s very last day of it’s validity we made the claim to get our turbo replaced and to our amazement it was accepted.  Maybe all the bad press about warranty companies is not deserved and in my book MB&G motorhome warranties seem to be worth their while.

20171221_124931 The Suntor seemed to be at ‘Eastbourne Campers’ for most of the month.  Thanks David, Kirsty and Co for dealing effectively with the warranty company and getting the job finished before the Christmas break.

So finally the time has come for us to go travelling again and our crossing has been booked for the 28th December and we are really looking forward to it as it has seemed a long time coming.   So as a parting note to this very short post, bon voyage!!!!!!!