Visits and Visitors, Summer 2018

As we were to be working in the same place two summers in a row we had set ourselves the target of getting off site as much as we could to visit some of the many interesting places that are nearby in Sussex and Kent.

This objective started well as we did manage an overnight stop over at Crowborough back in May, however after this things went a little bit awry……Summer 2018 in Normans Bay will definitely be remembered not for our visits away but for all the visitors we had.  Not a bad thing at all, in fact it has been a pleasure to catch up with some old and new friends whilst we have been here.

So in visiting order from April to September……..


We spent a pleasant night away at Crowborough visiting Joy in the local hospital, walking in the Ashdown forest and of course we stayed on the Club’s site.


In April we had Mike and Mandy pass by for a night of catching up with our travels on their return back to the UK.  Their travel blog can be found at


We visited the Midlands passing by both our folks.  Rita and my Dad enjoying the spring sunshine.  Was that to be an early sign of a good summer?

Scott 2

In June Scott, Irene, Iris and Fynn visited.  It was great spending some time with one of my best friends and his family.  My memory will be the BBQ on the beach.

Otis and Rita

June also saw Mick and Sheila, now retired Normans Bay managers, pass by the site in their Volkswagen camper.  Otis and Rita got along like a house (camper?) on fire.


Now annual visitors, Chris, Pete and Al came back to the Bay.  This time we did a pub crawl within the local area taking in the ancient church at Westham village.


By June the weather had really heated up.  We spent several evenings with Joy and Tracy at their home in Uckfield.


Also in June we had a flying visit from Tim and Martha who we met earlier in the year in France.  It was superb that we met up again and hopefully we will see them all back out on the road at some point.


My parents visited us in July and this photo was taken at Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne.  The weather was still fantastic.


Kev also visited in July and we went to see the Levellers play ‘We the Collective’ at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea.


Late July we had a visit from our old neighbours Janet and Elize and her friend Scarlet.  They managed to complete the Seven Sisters walk whilst they were here, something that we have not completed yet.  Our time is now ticking.


In early August a last minute visit of Joy and Tracey’s friends Jo and Debbie was organised.  A night of dancing and drinking ensued to celebrate Jo’s birthday.


Our old Normans Bay colleagues Frank and Rosie revisited for one night in August.  It is always fun to meet up with them.


We visited the Camping Unplugged team and friends Katie and Pete at Lordswood Forest in Kent.  Here they are operating and developing an ecological campsite and we thought it was a special place off the beaten track.

Steve and Maryann

Sharon’s brother Steve and his wife Maryann visited us late August for a fun evening spent in the Bay.  Since ‘Eurosuntor’ hit the road we have managed several meet ups with Steve and Maryann spanning four countries in all:  Switzerland, Germany (for a total of 30 minutes!) France and of course the UK.  Where will we meet up next?


We left the site again in September visiting both sets of our families.  My parents were on the Shropshire canal which made for a different meet up location.

Finally, Karla and Tony, Sharon’s sister and husband visited us last Friday for a relaxed day spent around the Bay.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photograph of us all together messing up completely this theme.  Never mind, there is talk about a London visit in October as Jodie, their daughter, is arranging a birthday party so hopefully we can get an up to date photograph then to complete this post.  The socialising is not over yet though as October also brings Joy and Tracey’s wedding……………