Roving South.

6th November 2018

RV Sunset

From today we are out on the open road again!!

The time has finally arrived for us to jump into the van and start making our way south.  We have plenty of time this year too, almost 5 months to be exact.  This extended period is a key point, after all this could be our last tour of Europe as EU citizens and we want to make the most of our current privilege of unrestricted travel and time within the EU zone.

We don’t really have a plan as per usual and initially our travel plans will depend on the weather and potential meet up points with fellow motorhoming friends.  Portugal will definitely feature and therefore France and Spain will have to be enjoyed as we travel through, but the mix of time spent in these countries will be made up as we go along.

All we can say at this point is that we are both very excited to get out on tour again, to feel the freedom of the open road where who knows what lies around the next corner………


Who knows what the future holds for us.  Maybe this will be the last time we enjoy all the benefits of being EU citizens.

“If I could choose the life I pleased
Then I would be a rover
And if the road was not for me
Then I would choose another
Across mountains and valleys deep
I would take these weary feet
If I could choose the life I pleased
Then I would be a rover……”*

*lyrics by the Levellers


5 thoughts on “Roving South.”

    1. Great news to hear you will be on the road soon. We will be spending most of our time in Spain and Portugal and we are bound to be close at some point during your travels. Keep in touch! Matt, Sharon and Rita


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