The Motorhome World is a Small One

Vila Nova de Cacela, Portugal 19-02-18.

A chain of events happened today which gave me the opportunity to see something that has made me smile.  So when I should actually be writing about our journey through Spain and our last couple of weeks in Portugal instead and I am going to jot down this memory.  The normal trip web waffle will be updated later on!

This morning I cycled into the nearest town, Vila Nova de Cacela so that I could print out some documents.  I chose to lock my bike to the railing inside the porch of the local internet centre (Punto de Internet).  Once my printing was done I decided to leave my bike there whilst I ran a few errands in the town, principally going to the pharmacy.  Upon my return to the Punto de Internet my bike had been locked inside the porch by a metal gate as the place had closed for it’s lunch time meaning I could not access my bike to go home.  Therefore I killed some time walking around the town.  Just after 2pm my bike was released once the employees returned and from there I cycled to a large general store that sells everything from small tractors to wine.  It was here that I wanted to purchase some new bike tyres but by the time I had arrived it too had closed for lunch meaning at that moment I entered the N125 main road to go home.  It was at this instance a beige Unimog camper on Dutch plates rumbled past in the opposite direction and sure enough Dave and Mathilda were in the cab.  We met this young Dutch couple back in March 2016 at Valdequeros just outside Tarifa.  In fact it was one of those nights that ended up in the Suntor drinking together with another Dutch Astrid and Burt.  Furthermore it was Astrid that informed us that in motorhoming you always see people twice.  So there you are, petite monde!

Dave and Mathilda

Back in March 2016, parked up with Dave and Mathilda at Valdequeros beach.  They were embarking on a four year around the world tour.  They are still on the road as I saw them again in December 2018.  “Good luck guys, travel safe”


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