Some links that may be useful or vaguely interesting…

  1.  Where it started in 2016:

2.  Kev’s villa in Andalusia :

3.  Camino De Santiago – uk’s confraternity:

4.  Free motorhome stopovers in the UK :

5.  Info regarding motorhome stopovers all over Europe:

6.  Keeping the UK coast clean – surfers against sewage:

7.  A NPO cafe that stops and uses food that is destined to landfill.  Fishguard, Wales:

8.  Try (and buy) some port at Saboriccia, Rua de Santa Catarina 303 in Porto.  They even have an apartment to rent too.  See the Douro post

9.  They need no introduction!





3 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Hi Matt & Sharon,
    Pat & Gordon here( remember meetup at Tomar ?)
    Just wanted to let you know what happened to us later !
    After a really great three mths hols, lovely last leg journey( Burgos cathedral a highlight especially as FOC on the day!) & very smooth Bay Biscay crossing for a change, what did we find when returning to motorhome to disembark Portsmth – it had been broken into, slept in, eating & drinking gone on & trashed to a degree with some mindless damage found.
    Four mhomes involved & they caught two immigrants( we thought so cos ham left in fridge they ripped to get into !) SO, had to roll our sleeves up with an enormous cleanup etc, racing around trying to get estimates within our area & dealing with Hants police & Brittany ferries( even Victim Support made contact !
    Apparently, they’ve retrieved jewellery stolen so that’s nice.
    Moral to the story – Shuttle the only safe way. !?! HOW ARE YOU ??


    1. Hi Pat and Gordon. Thanks for spreading this news, we are sorry though that for you it was not good news. We came back via Dunkirk and we both noticed that the port security was very high. We had two pairs of guards(?), one set armed, search our van before we got on the ferry.

      We are in the UK now, working the summer. When are you touring again?




  2. Hi folks, it’s Julie and Lassie from Manta Rota beach restaurant.
    It was great to meet you and hope to hear from you soon.
    Have you dropped me a message because I accidentally deleted one and I had just glanced it and thought it was from you!
    Was I correct as I cannot now trace it?
    Enjoy your trip and if your passing through please get in touch.


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