About us…

Feb 2016.

Matt and Sharon are a couple hailing from the Midlands and have been living and working in Cambridgeshire for the last few years.

Matt, 39, has travelled extensively around the world predominantly with work.  He is also a lover of campervan life and a vagabond wannabe searching for a life less ordinary.  The campervan passion came from the 90’s Volkswagen scene and he has owned a 1960s Vdub van which managed a small tour of France.  This experience led to the need for something quicker and more reliable and a long time love affair with bread, cheese and wine.  He also likes regional sausages.

Sharon, 42, has left work happily behind and has not looked back.  She has travelled to lots of destinations mainly for leisure and is a sun lover.  She also shares the passion for bread, cheese and wine.  Sharon’s intention for this tour is to see as many old castles, châteaus, historical villages and towns and hopes to avoid the regional sausages.  Her eating plan, as food is important to both of us, is to enjoy as many fresh salads and vegetables as possible although more than likely she will succumb to her food weakness of steak frites.


Sorry about the third person, it does read a little strange!!!


About Us,  Updated 2018


Feb 2018, Manta Rota, Portugal

With the two year anniversary of ‘eurosuntor’ approaching at the end of this month it seemed like an appropriate time to update this section.

Firstly our journey still continues, maybe not always in the travelling/moving sense but in an overall lifestyle (cringe**).  Secondly, the eurosuntor team has expanded and we have a new companion on board, Rita the dog!  See posts ‘Meeting Rita’ and ‘Adopting a dog from a Portuguese Refuge’ from January 2018.

Picking up on the former it was obvious to us when we set off  in March 2016 that we were searching for something different from our lives, something more experienced based and rich with free time rather than working full time and wishing for weekends and holidays.  Whether motorhoming in Europe is going to be the long term route, we still don’t really know.  However it was clear from our first trip, which including walking the Camino de Santiago and a short trip to and from the UK, lasted 15 months in total, that we wanted to continue the motorhoming life for a while longer.

Having met so many people on the road and on the Camino that were living differently to the 9-5 and making it work filled us with so much encouragement that we decided to push on and discover the world of flexible working allowing us to dedicate half of the year to travel or to other schemes/projects that could take our fancy.

So this is where our two year point brings us to as in Spring 2018 we return back to the UK for our second cycle of six months on and six months off.   We still have many more European travel aspirations that need to be done:  a drive down the main land through Croatia and Albania to the Island of Crete as we have a friend who has just recently moved there, we also hear that Sicily is pleasant weather wise in winter time and finally at some point a large North European trip in the summer of course.

As food and drink is still important to us and is probably our main past time when we travel it is good to note that Sharon is still in search of the ultimate steak frites and she is pleased to be continuing a wild boar stew tour of most European countries.  My regional sausage tasting has gone a little cold as my head has been turned more recently to spicy barbecued chicken…..I amaze myself sometimes how often I eat this, it is like an addiction.

I look forward to writing the 2020 update to see where we are at, as in summary the last two years has been an amazing experience………….


**  1)  I did try to use another word than lifestyle as to me this sounds so ‘wanky’, but nothing else worked I am afraid.

** 2)  When I first drafted this update I included a ‘couple of paragraphs’ expanding more ‘lifestyle’ which somehow touched on a whole series of maybe unrelated subjects like:  over consumerism, environmental issues, power and influence of large corporations, money based decision making, privatisation of the public sector, world politics, individual based thinking at micro and macro levels and the increasing divide between rich and poor amongst a few others.  But luckily for all of us on a read back I realised that I had dramatically strayed from the original intention of this update and that was to simply refresh the ‘about us’ section.  We should all thank Sharon actually as upon an edit she posed the question to me “are you really sure you want to include all this?????”, as she leafed through now a couple of pages of my mind dump, and in effect saving us all from a lengthy, possibly boring, monologue!!!  Maybe now having the luxury of time means I have too much time to think……………………….


The eurosuntor team Sharon, Rita and I, Portugal 2018.